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A remix of USU's new song 'Phantom' released on 5.11 is now available, and a new Niigata shit has been completed with the reunion of 'Ik0aN' from OITKNI. The strong message is also noteworthy.

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  • USU

    He started his career as a member of the legendary Niigata group "HIGH de CREW". They performed at Japan's largest HIP-HOP festival, B-BOY PARK, which was unprecedented for a local group, and energetically expanded their live performances throughout the country. After HIGH de CREW's hiatus, he released his first solo album [247-U N'I To You-] in the same year. The lead song "DAY ONE feat. In 2008, they released their 2nd album [365-ROOTS-]. The album features the participation of leading Japanese artists such as SEEDA, SIMON, TAROSOUL, Cypress Ueno, BUZZER BEATS, Darth Rader, and many more. His high skills and passionate lyricism have quickly spread throughout the country, solidifying his presence. The group he leads, "NITE FULL MAKERS," released the album "N" (JAY'ED, Rhyme Union, DJ WATARAI, SKY BEATZ, etc. participated). In the same year, he released his 3rd album [Bee,Bird,Butterfly]. In November 2013, he released his first mix CD "Un'USU'all mixed by DJ SATORU", which can be called his best album. It presented a "new form of mix CD. In December 2014, he released a mini-album "RES", and in March 2015, "DEMO TAPE" created with DJ KENZI in Nagano. In August 2015, he released his 5th album "COMPLETE BOY" and in December 2015, his own love song best "LOVATE". He continued his approach at an astonishing speed of four albums in one year. In the same year, he held his first solo live concert in three locations: Niigata (NEXS), Tokyo (Shibuya FAMILY), and Niigata (CLUB SEVEN). Each time they completely rocked the packed house of fans and heads. In November 2016, they released their sixth album "DOCK". The well-known Japanese hip-hop rasbos 'Hannya' participated in the album. In April 2017, he started a program called "AREA CONNECTION" every Monday at 10pm on WREP, a hip-hop radio station run by ZEEBRA. He has also participated in the live tour of Japan's leading Jazz artist 'TOKU', completely breaking down the boundaries of "hip-hop". He transmits real music from the countryside. Without a doubt, he is one of Japan's leading MCs. ~September 17, 2019: Suddenly retires and disappears from the scene. On January 27, 2021, he made his comeback to the scene with his return album "Too Late," and on January 5, 2022, he released his long-awaited seventh album "HALT," which reached #4 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. It was a fitting start to his comeback. Translated with (free version)

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