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Rui Fujishiro, a member of Sasaklekt, who has been releasing a series of energetic works, releases "I think," a new classical piece with melancholic piano melodies recorded with live sound.
The sound is so refined and polished that it has a sneaky atmosphere, and even the sounds of rubbing clothes, creaking chairs, pedal steps, and finger presses on the keyboard are recorded in realistic detail.
It is as if the space itself is gently enveloping the music with a moderate sense of urgency.
I hope listeners will be intoxicated by the sensational melody that envelops all five of their senses.
This is one of those classical pieces that you want to immerse yourself in listening to during your home time while feeling a sense of calm and gravity.
Rui Fujishiro is a female artist of note who will continue to release new music energetically every month.

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