1. Another Perfect Day
  2. Arrival Time
  3. View of the Ocean
  4. Fire Red Bird Whistle
  5. Sailing The World
  6. Home
  7. Black Is Beautiful
  8. Wishing Bridge
  9. Way to the Sun

The first release work as Marukabis. The two titles "THE FIRST CHAPTER" composed only of new songs and the best album "THE SECOND CHAPTER" by the rearrangement are released simultaneously.

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Apple Music • インストゥルメンタル トップアルバム • ベトナム • 27位 • 2019年8月31日 Apple Music • インストゥルメンタル トップアルバム • 中国 • 83位 • 2019年12月19日 Apple Music • インストゥルメンタル トップアルバム • 日本 • 139位 • 2020年7月1日


MARUKABIS Musician, Composer, Record Producer, Arranger, Record Engineer, Dj Play Instruments Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, MPC , Other Instruments Born in 1983, he is a composer and musician from Japan. His activities focus on the production of instrumental music by combining and sometimes separating two different methods, the first is sampling, which is the root of HIPHOP, and the second is composing cultivated through band activities. After composing various songs for domestic musicians, producing new artists, etc., he renamed his solo activity to Marukabis and started his original musical activities.

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