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In the hearts of the Japanese people, there are songs that will always remain forever. These songs have been sung by men and women of all ages and generations. While values are certainly changing, "The Song of the Little Star" was created to encourage young people not to give up their hopes and dreams. The song has been sung in elementary and junior high schools and nursing homes in Kanagawa Prefecture, and the world of the song is quietly expanding. They sing beautifully and childishly.

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The Song of the Little Star

iTunes Store • Children's Music TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 31 • 16 Jan 2023

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    Soprano 7 Boys member, Junior high school first grader. Kawai Uta Contest 2017 Tokyo Tournament Silver Award, 2018 Gold Award, 2021 Gold Award, 2022 Silver Award. Appeared on TV Tokyo [THE Karaoke Battle]. He appeared in the musical Oliver! Delivery animation [Paddington's adventure], W Disney movie [Mirabelle and the house full of magic] dubbing chorus. In addition, many recordings such as commercials. In charge of Japanese dubbing for the role of Tim in the Netflix movie "Scrooge: A Christmas Carol" released on December 2. 2022

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    HARU HIRAGAの他のリリース
  • Yurika Saito

    Born in 2012. She started playing the piano at the age of 3 and has also taken classical ballet, singing, acting, jazz dance, solfeggio and cello lessons. She has experience of appearing in commercials, on stage, etc. From December 30, 2022, she is appearing as Young Elsa in Shiki Theater Company's "Frozen".

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    Yurika Saitoの他のリリース

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