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Lyrics & Music : Shogo Yoshioka
Vocal & Acoustic Guitar : Shogo Yoshioka
Arrangements : Keiji Matsumoto

Support Musician
Piano , Electric Guitar : Keiji Matsumoto
Electric Guitar : Masato Ishinari
Electric Bass : Noriaki Uda
Electric Bass : Hideyuki Komatsu
Drums : Sinsuke Goto
Cello : Harutoshi Ito
Violin , Viola : Shiori Tanaka
Soprano Sax : Takahiro Miyazaki
Chorus : Asuka Shimizu
All Other Instruments & Programming : Keiji Matumoto

Artist Profile

  • shogo yoshioka

    Shogo Yoshioka Born December 2, 1984 I started playing acoustic guitar when I was a high school student. I want to work as a salaryman after graduating from university but I want to play music! ! I started thinking about it and went to the music road. As I went through the street live and live performances at the live house, I started singing on the stage with my respected seniors. . The one-man live at BIGCAT, which was a further leap forward and goal, was held in November 2013, the curtain was closed with great success, and the second BIGCAT one-man live was closed in June 2015 with a great success. One-man live at Umeda TRAD in 2017 and the 10th anniversary of music activity in 2018 and the second consecutive year was a great success. Established fan club `` Y's '' in April 2019 In 2019, he is working across the country toward new goals.

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