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"YOU&I feat.ワタナベシュウヘイ"

THINGS 7th Singleは、
ちょっぴり懐かしさを感じるCity Popな一曲。


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    THINGS = A.O.R.O.P (Adult Oriented Rock SOUL POP) Vo. Yuta Fujimasa Gt. Takuya Asami Key. Gaku Tajima Dr. Yuichi Nagara In 2018, Fujimasa jumped in and participated in the unit live of Asami, who continued to perform in bands and support musicians mainly in Tokyo, and Tajima, who returned from studying music at Berklee College of Music in the United States. Activities started in 2019. The 1st Single "Hikari" released in October 2019 will be used as the ED theme for TV Saitama Ole! Ardija. In December 2021, the first one-man live was held at Yoyogi LIVE STUDIO LODGE with 7 singles released every month from June of the same year. In December 2022, the second one-man live will be held at Yoyogi LIVE STUDIO LODGE. From 2023, the group started activities under a new system, welcoming drummer Yuichi Nagara as a member.

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