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This song represents OHL starting from a "minus" state, where their activity plans were cancelled right after forming the group, and finally reaching the "0 = start point" and expressing their determination to take a step towards the "100 = goal point".

While linking to their previous work, 'Bokurano ""' it depicts a contrasting situation in this song.

OHL member GEN took on the role of a comprehensive producer, responsible for lyrics, composition, recording, mixing.
The rap part was produced with the involvement of OHL member SHURU.

Within the futuristic and electronic track, lyrics derived from OHL's official name, "ONE HUNDRED LIMINAL," are included in each part. The track was completed with the contribution of SLAY, who is known for producing songs for LDH artists and others.

The choreography is a collaboration between choreographer KANU and OHL members RYUSEI and NAO, creating a work where you can feel their new challenges even in live performances.

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iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 43 • 10 Feb 2024

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    OHL = ONE HUNDRED LIMINAL [ a.k.a. ONELIMI ] --- is a unique "company x music unit" where the members themselves handle all aspects of management and production. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, their planned activities were completely canceled. In order to sustain the group, the youngest member GEN have established their own talent agency called "OHL Inc." with six other members. And, they deliver lots of music filled with real passion to rise from "zero".

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