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Japanese alternative songstress A.Y.A has released pop R&B/Hip-hop song "Ave Maria". a 2nd single cut from her upcoming 3rd new album "Uncured". The combination of tropical/base-heavy beat and A.Y.A's transparent vocal, and the featuring guest: Masato Hayashi (ex: Pablo Blasta)'s raspy rap-voice is absolutely refreshing, having a full potential to be 2021 summer bop. The beats produced by Droittte (TAEYO, etc.) and KRICK (BLACK BASS, VivaOla, etc.). A.Y.A's new album "Uncured" will be released on 2021, May 21st (Fri).

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Ave Maria

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  • A.Y.A

    A.Y.A is an artist who creates cutting-edge music with solid composition skills and a sensual singing voice. In 2018, she released the single "gravity," which gained attention by being selected for domestic and international playlists. Since then, she has been actively releasing music, including three full albums, one remix album, and two EPs. Not only in music but also in the production of fresh visuals showcased with each release, she takes charge herself. She has a reputation for her talent and sensibility in handling her own worldview while always looking ahead to the next thing, as seen in her involvement in the production of music videos like "Out of the Race" and "Tough Guy." Additionally, she has appeared in various media, such as hosting the hip-hop radio show "WREP" and the DJ interview program "WHY WE PLAY" by Pioneer DJ Japan. With a deep understanding of a wide range of music, she also engages in DJ activities, showcasing the breadth of her endeavors. Her supreme mission is to evolve herself along with the diverse direction of music, captivating and provoking people while liberating them from conservative concepts. A.Y.A surpasses all boundaries and expands the possibilities of music to the utmost limit.

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