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"It G Ma" with his ally KOHH, collaborations with European producers such as SebastiAn, Surkin and Sam Tiba, and the collaborative album "KUUGA" with Tohji and Brodinski, Loota is the artist always on the cutting edge and leading Japanese rap scene.
This year, Loota has been active as a solo artist more than ever, releasing three split singles: "Sheep / Melting Ice", "Love Sick / Melting Ice (Remix)", and "Barefoot / Holy".
This single, in addition to Brodinski's collaboration with Tohji, the track is made by Brodinski's close friend Modulaw. The delicate sound production shown in "KUUGA" still exists, but this track has the sound that has never been heard before in Japanese Hip-Hop.
Brodinski's futuristic and aggressive sound makes you feel like in explosions and collisions, and combined with the lyrical content, it creates a destructive sense, but it also has a faint glow of purity that is strong feature of Loota.
The artwork is by Philippe Cuendet, who has frequently worked with Brodinski's as well as Loota's recent releases.

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