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  2. Stars Of Night Sky (Instrumental)
  3. Double Rainbow ~If God and I were friends...~ (Instrumental)
  4. Lumbago
  5. Beat Of Asia
  6. Sword Of Brave Man
  7. Voyage To Sanctuary
  8. Omoide Sakura (Rock version)
  9. Stars Of Night Sky
  10. Double Rainbow ~ If God And I Were Friends...~
  11. Kizuna (Korokke version) [Kizuna answer song]

This is 2nd Album of Moldavite Dragon.
The theme of this Album is ' Kizuna ' .
Kizuna means the bond in English.
Kizuna exists several shapes between parent and child, brothers, sisters, siblings,relatives,friends, lovers, colleague ...
I and Ichiro made this music as several shapes of Kizuna.
1st track of Album is original version of ' Kizuna' which made in 2009.
This song express Kizuna of mother between her son.
11th track as last is ' Kizuna ~ Korokke version ' .
This is answer song which original version of Kizuna ( 1st track ).
2~8th tracks are instrumental music.
When I was student of compose music school, I composed several music for school's contest.
I picked up to 4~7th track ( Lumbago, Beat Of Asia, Sword Of Brave Man, Voyage to Sanctuary )
I appreciate the school and teachers, friends as students.
I inserted 4 music as brings back memories of school days.
9th track is ' Star Of Night Sky '. The song's lyrics express importance of human friendship.
10th track is ' Double Rainbow ~ If God and I were friends...' .
If God exist, I made lyrics as Kizuna with God from book of ' Friendship with God ' (Conversation with God series).
I got technique how to recording method in 2017.
Then some music which made before 2016 is not high quality and sound pressure level because just used only midi software and hardware of sound source ' Roland - SC88Pro '.
But I inserted to this Album them as my memorial growth record.
I want to release after 3rd album as remix and version up arrange and add lyrics to some music.

Moldavite Dragon

I compose Music Japanese pops,Rock,Hearing sound,Japanese Enka with pops style. My compositional style is maiking Melodious and powerful sound feel like dragon.

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