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From 2011, the project "Japan RePLAY", a cover project of super-hit songs of the past, was started with the concept of "Relive the energy of the Heisei Showa era! Brighten the future of Japan with songs and performances". Along with the start, the original song "Merit Demerit" with a nostalgic yet new melody was completed.

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Merit Demerit

Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 12 Apr 2023

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    《病みバカやばカワイイ》5人組アイドル[.BPM(ドットビーピーエム)] “ニューレトロ”なサウンドでちょっぴりビターな女心を歌う。 サウンドプロデューサーは、レコード大賞作家の岡村洋佑(AAA『恋音と雨空』でレコード大賞作品賞受賞)

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