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Peace Gravity

iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 27 Jan 2021 iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • United States • TOP 30 • 27 Jan 2021

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Peace Gravity

Spotify • Pluto Selection(Biweekly) • 17 Mar 2021 Spotify • 静寂と黄昏 • 27 Jan 2021 Spotify • tuneTracks Weekly • 30 Jan 2021

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  • Jun Futamata

    Jun Futamata -who has sung in many TV commercials, advertisements, TV series, and movies- is about to release her first collection of works "GRAVITY" as a solo artist. Her new album "GRAVITY" is a collection of songs inspire by various "social issues" such as environmental destruction, racial issues, and the earth's ecosystems. The songs have established a world of sounds with sublimated classical, folk, contemporary and improvisational music, and the songs composed with her own singing and construction methods have a unique presence. Some of these songs have already been performed live at several art festivals, and their overwhelming body of work has had an impact on audiences. This is her first original work as a producer/composer/lyricist/singer/art director, and is going to be released after 2years of production.

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Jun Futamata