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New version of Sakura Sakuna that has a rearrange for each part.

"Sakura Sakuna Stop Time"
Spring without you ...
For cherry blossoms that bloom with one or two
Don't Sakurazaki. And wish
I think of you.

A refreshing rock sound,
RIVa Cherry Song with the sad lyrics! !

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  • RIVa

    " If there is a little bit of courage , tomorrow I can change ! " Message Pops band based in Sendai " RIVa " Even while tired every day you do not want to Kawaribae , you are not able to have the courage to take a step from there ... Music of RIVa press gently such a your back . The words who call the sympathy that vocal · Amia is spun , and put in nostalgic melody that appeal to Japanese of gene transmission . Heart full message from Riva to you .

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