1. Sinpo ~taiyoufreanokazeninosete~
  2. Kiteretu ni naritainoda
  3. Hero no tobikata
  4. Tyuuburarin
  5. Togireta ito
  6. Foolish Guy
  7. 360° ~Dengan cinta di Indonesia! Ver.~
  8. Time flies
  9. [Ituka kitto]
  10. Miracle quest

"deneb" is a member who plays "a melody like a toy box turned over" in Shinji Tachibana with various rhythms and colorful melodies.

straight lyrics of bubbles entwin the lingering main melody that Tachibana produces in the ear. Not limited to the form of a band, it is a band like a "Squadron Hero" that transforms into any form and runs as it speaks alone, speaks with a chorus, speaks with a chorus, and an acoustic unit with percussion.

A bold and seductive delicate guitar is a magic that transforms the Tachibana toy box into an amusement park. A bass that rides on a melody roller coaster. In the dreamland

A drum that represents the emotions of a human being. The notes jumping in percussion.
To the world of the pop dream that the toy box "deneb" is coming.

deneb 3rd album "Mugen Rocket" 2019.05.25 Release.

Past Rank In


Apple Music • J-Pop トップアルバム • インドネシア • 16位 • 2020年12月1日


Shinji Tachibana the "melody, such as overturned toy box" that is in the, play in a variety of rhythm and colorful melody members. Warm and watch straight lyrics such as bubbles is, involving the modest main melody that remains in the ear to create the Tachibana. Warez in the form of bands, playing talking alone, chorus-filled me singing, and percussion-filled acoustic troops ..., is a band like that any, even in the form rush to transform "squadron mono Hero". Delicate guitar entering to sew is a bold, magical alter the toy box of Tachibana to the amusement park. Base, such as a roller coaster ride of melody. Drum, such as representing the human emotion to play in the country of dreams. Note who jump up and down in the percussion. To POP dream of world toy box "deneb" is invites.

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