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A skillfully designed acoustic piece by Fugenn & The White Elephants.
A perfect solution when you want to calm down your mind.

Fugenn & The White Elephants

Project by Shuji Saito. A truck maker who specializes in music composed of mixed beat and beautiful melody. Started working as a truck maker and DJ since 2004. Since 2008, Symbolic interaction in the name of Fugenn & The White Elephants Participated in many projects at home and abroad such as remix of KoenPark, February 2011 participate in Pleq "Good Night Two". In April, PROGRESSIVE FOrM released the long-awaited 1st full album "an4rm" Along with PV of two songs "Narcissus" "Phonex", it has gained a great popularity and a very high reputation. Also on YMO's cover album 'YMO REWAKE', 'Sakamoto Ryuichi Tribute', 'Jobim Tribute' We are steadily expanding the range of activities, such as providing songs, and are attracting further attention. In 2012 he appeared at SonarSound Tokyo 2012. And May 2012 released 2nd full album "Prays" In June 2012, the initial sound collection "Archetype-Zero" was released in the UK. And on August 8, 2013, we release the 4th album "B A BEACON". "Docomo AQUOS PHONE EX SH-04E" "NOTTV" "NeNA Crystal Crusade mobage" "adidas Japan National Football Team Japan national team" "Honada Concept B at 2014 Beijing Auto Show" "Lexus The All-New Lexus RX - Insights from the chief designer "etc., He is also in charge of domestic TVCM, TV program BGM and international WebBGM. ​ Contact :

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