1. Kaguya-hime
  2. Ryūgū-jō
  3. Yakusoku
  4. Sakihokore
  5. Usagi to Kame

"MONOGATARI" is the first mini album of the Shigin-loving singer songwriter Sashika. It was first released on 2020/5/22.
This album was made with the support of a crowdfunding campaign to make a movie video for her new song "Sakihokore."
The composition and lyrics of the songs on this album are all based on Japanese fairy tales. This album also includes songs which are performed in the traditional Japanese art of "Shigin." Shigin is the performance of reciting a Japanese (or Chinese) poem.
Through this album, I hope that not just Japanese people, but people from all over the world will become more interested in Japanese traditional arts and Japanese fairy tales.


Singer songwriter [彩紫歌 Sashika]

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