Becoming Buddha

  1. Becoming Buddha
  2. Becoming Budda (Instrumental)

The campaign song for "Twiceborn," a theatrical movie to be released on October 16, 2020. "If you're a man, even if you make an enemy of the whole world, there're times when you must fight..." This is a fight song for all of you who want to stick to your beliefs and keep your flame of courage always burning inside you.

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Becoming Buddha

iTunes Store • J-Pop トップソング • ブラジル • 1位 • 2020年8月9日 iTunes Store • J-Pop トップソング • フランス • 1位 • 2020年7月22日 iTunes Store • J-Pop トップソング • オーストラリア • 7位 • 2020年8月9日 iTunes Store • J-Pop トップソング • シンガポール • 75位 • 2020年7月17日

Becoming Budda (Instrumental)

Apple Music • J-Pop トップソング • ブラジル • 108位 • 2020年11月16日

Sayaka Okawa

Sayaka Okawa is Vice Chairperson, and Chief of CEO's office of Happy Science. The oldest daughter of Ryuho Okawa, Sayaka was born in Tokyo in 1991. She graduated from Ochanomizu University in Japan. A writer in her own right, Sayaka has published over fifty books that cover a wide range of topics, spanning historical non-fiction, religion, and literature. Some of her main works are Spiritual Kojiki Nyumon (Literally, "Introduction to Spiritual Records of Ancient Matters Vol. 1 & 2"), Musume Kara Mita Okawa Ryuho (Literally, "Ryuho Okawa as Seen from His Daughter"), and Kokoro wo Migaku (Literally, "Polishing the Mind") [all titles published by IRH Press]. Sayaka has received several awards for Immortal Hero including July Best Original Screenplay at Florence Film Awards 2019 and August Screenplay Honorable Mention in a Feature Film at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2019. She has also won several awards for her screenplay for The Real Exorcist, including April Best Screenplay at Oniros Film Awards 2020. Not only a talented writer, Sayaka is also an accomplished musician. She has composed and sung the song "HIKARI." She has also arranged and sung the songs such as, "Hold On," "Once Again," and "The Real Exorcist" in Happy Science films. The music video of the song, "The Real Exorcist," has won several awards, including March Best Music Video at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2020.

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