blue blue

  1. misery
  2. Secret, 2020
  3. Lights
  4. Lotus
  5. STARS
  6. bird cage
  7. HYPE

TYOSiN based on Tokyo have announced plans to release his new ep 'blue blue'.

ep concept:
There are the duality of blue, the scenery he has seen.
The dark, deep blue of the sea means despair.
The clear, high blue of the sky means hope.
He emerges from the deep sea and looks up at the sky.

Charlie Shuffler, a friend of Lil Peep, participated in this ep as a producer.(M2)
TYOSiN produced Charlie's first performance in Japan in 2019.

"HYPE" has already been popular with being picked up by YouTube Channel "Demon astari" with 1.5 million subscribers.(M7)