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Let's Part (Japanese version)

  1. Let's Part (Japanese version)

The Japanese version of the new song "Let's Part," which was released in Korea on November 14. The lyrics are a collaboration between Junji Ishiwatari and Kim Jong-wan. Nell's first Japanese version title "Let's Part (Japanese version)" due for release on December 5.


Nell is Korean modern-rock band formed in early 2000s. The band consist of lead vocalist Kim Jong-Wan, lead guitar Lee Jae-Kyoung, Bass Lee Jung-Hoon and Drummer Jung Jae-Won. The band is heavily influenced by numerous British bands such as Radiohead, Placebo, Travis, and Muse. They are famous for their various style of songs such as alternative rock, phychedelic rock, progressive rock, modern rock and ballad rock. In particular, their delicate, nostalgic lyrics and depressing, dreamy sounds are atrractive.

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