Mystic Live "KIWAMI"

  1. Violet Flame
  2. Party Love !
  3. lost song
  4. missing piece
  5. wake my heart
  6. ring ding dong
  7. GRAVITY (feat. HIDE×HIDE)
  8. kaleidoscope (feat. HIDE×HIDE)
  9. RED MOON -Special song- (feat. HIDE×HIDE)
  10. everything with you...
  11. Lock on
  12. Sparkling Angels
  13. change my self (feat. Hideki Onoue)
  14. Miracle Star (feat. Hideki Ishigaki)
  15. PERSONA (feat. HIDE×HIDE)
  16. Force 2018

Live recording of "Mystic Live" KIWAMI " live on June 23, 2018 to commemorate the release of the major 3rd album "GRAVITY" of Mystery Girls Project.
All songs are newly arranged for live performance.
Also includes a collaboration song with the Japanese musical instrument unit "HIDE × HIDE".

Mystery Girls Project

Girls unit that focuses on singing, dancing and reading. Abbreviation is MGP. The members are composed of active young voice actors, actresses and artists, and perform performances such as singing and dancing, reading audio dramas, etc. by making use of their acting and expression skills. Currently appearing in Internet contents such as live houses and events in the suburbs of Tokyo.

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