1. Sticky Swingers
  2. Choiwal (Mechawal remix)
  3. Bombie Bakuchy Crazy
  4. Antonio
  5. Are you going to know? !! (THE U.S.B.ver.)
  6. Lost My Memory
  7. Spoiled

Participated in the world tournament as an Asian representative at Hard Rock Rising held in Barcelona, Spain in 2015. An illusionary album that was released in 2016 as a USB medium to commemorate the triumphal return.


Three-piece Japanese rock band currently active at the current lineup since 2010. A song of positive and humane wokkan (vo / gt) is sung by the bottom (ba) · jyu ni (dr) 's bottom (occasionally shooting) sound, sometimes humorous chorus work is also mischievous Deliver it to the floor. I will smile your smile as a generation. 2012 "Izakaya Anthem" appointed Monteroza TVCM. In 2013 and 2014 it also played a continuous appearance to "COMIN 'KOBE", and in June 2014 released the 2nd mini album "Sugoroku". She also appeared in MINAMI WHEEL, the first in October. In 2015, participated in the world competition which was elected Asia representative of Japan for the first time at the band contest "Hard Rock Rising 2015" sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe and was held in Barcelona. Fulfill a splendid prize.

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