Supernal Tears

  1. Supernal Tears
  2. Jasmin
  3. Ave Maria (feat. qujioki)

Supernal Tears
"Always remember the scent of Jasmine (Matsurika)."

Asia, the West, and individual history overlap. A completely new form of Erhu expression by Japan-based player and singer Shin, originally from China.


Shin specializes in erhu from the age of 12 to college.He studied under the first-class national musician, Mr. Wang Yinjin, at the Erhu College of Music, Beijing Normal University, a renowned erhu school. After graduation, he taught dance, singing, and erhu at Ansan Art School, Ansan, run by his mother. He received numerous prizes, including the Erhu Gold Prize at the Dalian Performing Arts Festival and the Erhu Gold Prize at the Beijing Nobu Olympic Cup. Attracted by various Japanese cultures such as Japanese animation, he came to Japan in 2010. March 2012 He performed as a main player at the "Charity Concert for Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support" at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, Germany. In July 2015, the long-awaited solo album "Negai" was released. In September, along with Everly, KAO= S, singer Rei Tsubaki, and Kannosuke Matsushita from Japan, organized the Japan-China Youth Friendship Event with great success. He moved to Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2016, he has been active as an erhu singer Shin, performing not only solo concert but also session live with musicians of all genres. His collaboration with illustrator Kannosuke Matsushita's solo exhibition was well received, and was held in March 2016 at Ishinomori Mangakan for three days. In May his first solo concert was held in Tokyo. He formed "Supernal Tears" with a keyboardist TAKUTO, but TAKUTO became exclusive to another band (AliA), and was disbanded in one and a half years. The original songs "Supernal Tears" and "Renka" composed by him for the first time in 2019 was released as "Henn na Card "using AR along with the work of Sand Art by Masamichi Mori at "Henn na Hotel (A commitment for evolution)" developed by HIS. In September, he performed at the Masamichi Mori Triumph Performance in Muroran, Hokkaido. On October 21st, a solo live to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his arrival in Japan was held at Roppongi CLAPS, where the crowded hall was into a moving crucible. The bright and crisp sound that he creates along with his gentle personality has attracted many people. Born in Liaoning Province, China.

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