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The last of the four consecutive monthly releases by the solitary singer-songwriter Sara Kurokawa, which she has continued since September 2023, is an authentic ballad. With her own piano playing at the core, the song is arranged by Daisuke Kawaguchi, one of Japan's leading Composers, arrangers and producers, who has worked on many big hits including Mika Nakashima's "Stars" and "Will" and CHEMISTRY's "Kimi wo Sagashitte ~The Wedding Song~". This song would gently touches the hearts of the listeners and encourages them strongly.

Produced by Sala Kurokawa
Music & Words : Sala Kurokawa
Arranged by Daisuke Kawaguchi
Piano & Keyboards by Sala Kurokawa
All Other Instruments Programming by Daisuke Kawaguchi
Recorded & Mixed by Gonta Kawamoto at Magical Completer Studio & Studio Sunshine

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Because I Want To Be Your Sunshine

Apple Music • New In: J-Pop • 5 Jan 2024

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  • Sala Kurokawa

    Sala Kurokawa started her career as a singer-songwriter playing in junior high school. She debuted with her first EP "On My Piano" in 2015. In 2016, she released her second album "Prelude". The 7-inch record of "AllNight (T-Groove Remix)/" by T-Groove became a hot topic. In the same year, She provided the commercial song "Peace" for JA mutual aid. and in November 2019, "Bootycall," a powerful depiction of women's emotions, became a word-of-mouth hit and was used as the ending theme for ABEMA's news reality show "Abema Prime," She has been attracting attention as a singer-songwriter of the next generation.

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