Internal Circulation

  1. Aisling Gheal
  2. Ross Memorial Hospital
  3. Slow Jigs ~Mist Covered Mountain-Castletown Conners-The Rooms of Dooagh~
  4. Slow Reels ~Last House in the Village-Spike Island Lasses-Griffin from the Bridge~
  5. Jigs ~Trip to Brittany-Across the Black River-Tatter Jack Walsh~
  6. Slides ~The Gleanntan Frolics-The Toormore-Maidhc Dainnin O Se's Slide~
  7. Paddy's Rambling through the Park
  8. First Snow #2
  9. Hornpipes ~The Bird's Hornpipe-Flowing Down Her Back And The Colour of Her Golden Hair Was Black~
  10. Slip Jigs ~Heart Shaped Wood-Soggy's~
  11. Jigs ~The Rakes of Clonmel-Pat Mahon's~
  12. Reels ~Palmer's Gate-Joe Cooley's Morning Dew-Skyedance~
  13. Reels ~New Mown Meadow-The Old Dudeen-O'Mahoney's~

This is the first solo album by Kozo Toyota.
Almost all tunes were selected from Irish traditional music, regardless of old or new.
I chose E flat flute to use B flat flute as harmony and of course, also for higher tension.
This album's main concept is to express sympathy about repetition and circulation between Irish music and Oriental ideas.
Being inspired by a few thoughts, like Buddhism, Minimalism and so on, minimal formation and minimal arrangement was chosen and tried.

It is recommended for you to listen to this CD through a whole from the beginning to the end, because each track goes on without break.
This album is consisted of two parts, side-A and side-B.
Each side starts from slow air and gets accelerating track by track to the end of the side.
If you use whole repeat function, you can enjoy two different stories endlessly.

Kozo Toyota

Kozo Toyota is an Irish flute and whistle player, from Japan. He is the first Japanese competitor of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, and he got 3rd prize of the whistle slow air in 2016, as the first Asian. He is also the founder of Toyota Ceili Band. It is the first ceili band that took part in the ceili band competition of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann from Asian countries. His another Irish music band, O'Jizo, received a passionate welcome in US in 2016 and 2017. And besides, he founded the Intercollegiate Celtic Festival in 2010, which has taken a role to increase the number of young people who play the Irish music or enjoy Irish dance in Japan.

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