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VELTPUNCH, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022, released a physical single "Frog Song / Merry Go Round Girl" containing two songs on October 19, 2022. Since their formation in 1997, they have led Japanese alternative rock while focusing on the indie scene, and have experienced two major releases. Even now that many of the bands of the same era have stopped moving forward, they continue their activities at their own pace and have a great influence on the generation below, but there is a worldwide 90s alternative / emo revival. In this situation, it can be said that the new song for the first time in two years since "Suicide King" announced in 2020 is exactly the long-awaited work.
Post-hardcore ~ Emo-derived intelligence and progressive arrangement that shows high playability "Frog Song", Weezer, Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Exploding love for 90's US alternative "Merry Go" Round Girl", both of which can only be created by VELTPUNCH. The original members Hidenori Naganuma and Aiko Nakajima's male and female twin vocals have not faded, and the impregnable ensemble played by Naoki Asama and Shinichiro Arakawa, who have supported the band in the 2010s, has been further refined.

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The frog song

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The frog song

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