Life with Alchemy

  1. Four Seasons
  2. Waltz for Trumpet 1945
  3. Blue King
  4. Mr.z
  5. Find the Future
  6. Poolside Woman
  7. Natsu no Omohide

'LIFE WITH ALCHEMY' is a semi acoustic album of our original tunes, recorded through both an analogue mixing desk and a modern digital workstation.
Analogue mixing gives the recording a warmth and presence that is sometimes lost in digital productions nowadays.
Additionally, it was recorded in one take to capture the groovy feel.

Takamasa Hikita-trumpet
Risa Kobayashi-piano
Rieko Tomematsu-piano on 2.6.7
Fumitaka Aoki-guitar
Kunihiko Shimizu-bass
Yukihiro Kajiya-drums

Recorded in Alchemy Studio, Osaka Apr.Dec.2019
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Toshiaki Kitahata. Assisted by Naoko Fukuoka.
Designed by Yasunori Hirayama.

Takamasa Hikita plays VANLAAR trumpet.

Takamasa Hikita

Jazz Trumpet player

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