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In 2024, They announced their first 5-city tour "-Artemis-". Tsukiniashiatowonokoshita rokuninnnosyoujotachiha ittainaniwomitanoka..., also known as "Tsukiato,"? A digital version with 3 songs. EP released!

``Elfarinsur'' is a coined word, an imaginary friend that is always present in everyone, someone who is another self but who has no answers. This motif is incorporated into the song, which begins with a majestic opening in an orchestral style. A complete worldview is built with the up-tempo and emotional lyrical melody of Tsukiato World from beginning to end and Aoi Nekoto's overwhelming high-tone voice. The pre-released music video is an elegant work in which they performs in a dressy outfit at a Western-style mansion.

"Sirius" is Tsukiato's first winter song, an upper tune inspired by the winter constellation Sirius, which makes up the Great Winter Triangle.
It's a song unique to Tsukiato that has a strong presence in winter as well as in summer, and is an upbeat yet melodious and emotional song.

The last song of this album is "Overkill". A hyper rock tune that was first performed at the live band live Selenēde held for the first time in 2023. Fans have been eagerly waiting for it to be made into a sound source, and as the title suggests, this is the number one ultimate number in Tsukiato's history, with an aggressive beat and a chorus that will have you pumping your fist in the air. Don't miss the rap zone, the members' first challenge.

The lyrics, composition, and sound production for all songs will be handled by Junxix., who has provided songs for Momoiro Clover Z, Tokimeki Sendenbu, 26ji no Masquerade, Rin Kurusu, Maju Arai, and more.

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