1. up draft
  2. devotion
  3. Kandan
  4. time travel
  5. Mono Etude
  6. Lake Breeze
  7. Cloud Nine
  8. Toriodoshi
  9. Cradle in the sea
  10. edge

* Aiko Obuchi (Fiddle)
* Kotaro Hata (Accordion, Piano)
* Hirofumi Nakamura (Guitar, Accordion)
* Yosuke Watanabe (Percussion)

2016, Tokyo was blessed with a new instrumental quartet. Celtic, Scandinavian, Techno and Jazz. The different background of each musician allows them to produce music that's experimental and nostalgic.

Sharp and progressive fiddle. Melodious and heartwarming accordion. Kaleidoscopic and fluid guitar. Playful and innovative percussion. The ensemble of the four generates an intricate groove with an essence of edginess.

The quartet takes their music nationally across Japan. Their eagerness to collaborate with international musicians from the US and Europe has given them new inspirations and influenced their music.

GROOVEDGE touch people's heart regardless of nationality or generation. This exhilarating
band are a musical experience to both watch and to listen to.

1st full album "4 CORNERS" (2017)
2nd full album "Reduction" (2019)


アイリッシュ、ジャズ、ポップスなどそれぞれの音楽経験を元に独自のサウンドを追求するインストバンド。 キレのある大渕のフィドル、メロディアスな秦のアコーディオン変幻自在の中村のギターに遊び心たっぷりな渡辺のパーカッションが絡み合いエッジの効いたグルーヴが生まれる。 世代を問わず聴き心地の良い楽曲は今までにあるようで無かった独特の爽快感に溢れている。 2017年1stアルバム『4CORNERS』をリリース。

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