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Aasha Ki Kiran. It's a ray of hope which shines on me.
I lost many things in my life. I was betrayed by many people. Still I'm here. I'm me. Nothing changed in myself.

"Aasha Ki Kiran" (meaning A ray of hope) is a Hindi song sung by India-based Japanese singer Hiroko, collaborating with Japanese Sitar player Yugo Tanaka. Beautiful Sitar melody played by Yugo Tanaka was sampled, and it made this Indian Fusion Dreamy Pop song more mystical.
This light filled song uplifts us and gives us hope.

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Aasha Ki Kiran

iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 26 • 25 Jun 2023

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  • Hiroko

    [Hiroko a.k.a Hiroko Sarah] Mumbai-based Japanese artist. Multilingual Singer-songwriter & classical Kathak Dancer Hiroko Sarah is from Tokyo, Japan and now lives in Mumbai, India. Hiroko works as a multilingual Singer-songwriter (Hindi, Japanese & English) on solo and India-Japan collaboration projects with other artists. Her first Hindi song "Aatmavishwas -Believe In Yourself-" collaborated with Indian rapper got the 1st place of "Dance Top Music Video" on Apple Music (India). Enjoy an upbeat dance number of a mixture of Dancehall and Indian classical flavas. Also released "Shiki No Monogatari" as Team Mystic Jounetsu, Mumbai based Chill Hip Hop Music Group. Apart from singing, performing dance and appearing on a TV commercial, a radio program, and a talk show. Doing live performances of dance and singing as a bridge for exchange of Arts and Cultures between India and Japan at several events in India. Working on new India-Japan collaboration projects with several artists. Several performances in India are scheduled. Stay tuned on her social media channels to get updates on all her songs, music videos and live performances.

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