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LEREVE's first new song in about 8 years will be released on February 22nd.
It is also the first of three consecutive months of releases.

This work is a ballad song with a feeling of loneliness,
It is a work where you can enjoy TAIGA's ephemeral and sad piano and Kai's beautiful vocals.
Both lyrics and music were written by TAIGA.

From the intro to the first verse, the song has a quiet and calm atmosphere with only piano and vocals, while the second verse includes strings, and the chorus includes guitar, bass, and drums, giving off a grand atmosphere.

To coincide with this release, a video will be uploaded to You Tube at 7pm on the same day, so keep an eye on LEREVE's future activities.

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    ロックからクラシカルなバラードまで幅広いジャンルの曲が特徴。 TAIGAの作る曲はメロディアスであり、ボーカルの傀(カイ)の伸びやかで澄んだ歌声はそんな曲たちを彩っている。

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