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In collaboration with Sin and Super Natural, the release of healing classic works by the finest performance has started.
The first is Eric Satie's "Gymnopedie". Sati's masterpiece, which was released at the end of the 19th century and continues to be loved as a healing / healing song until the present day, will be delivered with Sin's piano solo that makes you feel quiet and warm.
Music producer Sin (Shin Hashimoto),he arranged the Japanese popular drama "Long Vacation" with the drama, participated as a player in the drama,
arrangement and conducting of Fuji TV's Music programm "FNS Kayosai", "Our Music" and "Music Fair".
The project "Super Natural" is gaining listeners globally on the distribution site. "Super Natural" released healing music in collaboration with various artists.
Super Natural feat. Sin's work will be released every month. Please stay tuned.

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iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Peru • TOP 2 • 13 Jun 2022 iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Indonesia • TOP 96 • 17 Sep 2021

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