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Love Letter

Once Upon a Time

鳴る前に繋がった君の電話 この胸で鳴り止まない

まるで糸電話 ふたつの鼓動は裸体(はだか)のまま繋がっている



記憶にも無い山の麓で 足音の響きもないままに


絶えない時代の⻭車に 僕の魂を歌い繋げよう

夢中に夢を綴って行けたら それが最後のラブレター

わがままな主人公のままで このまま生きながらえてもいいかい?

その方が君にとっても きっと自然な暮らしだと思うよ


縁側にくっきり落ちる 夏の影

陽の光は色にはならず ただ影を育んで



いつも二人の恋になる 笑顔で夢を綴って行けたら


  • Composer

    Kouzo Miyazato

  • Lyricist

    Kouzo Miyazato

Six Tastes of Love Songs Front Cover

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    Once Upon a Time

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    Love Letter

    Once Upon a Time

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    Once Upon a Time

This album is a selection of love songs from the one-napo sound that continues to stick to acoustics. Born in Kagoshima and raised in Kumamoto, Miyazato Kozo, I tried to draw emotions that can be known in the 60th birthday in six songs.

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  • Once Upon a Time

    A unit led by Kumamoto's veteran singer song writer "Miyazato Kozo". Acoustic modeling of various genres. Started activities in Kumamoto as "Once Upon a Time" from August 2004. In 2009, he was introduced as "a man with a ghostly voice" in a special program of TV TOKYO, and his name suddenly went to the national district. A highly complete song that creates a floating world by incorporating jazz, folk, and rock in soulful language. Produce a live space with MC that never gets tired.

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