Front Cover

TSUKIOKU (darkness techno ver.)

  1. I can't save your yesterday
  2. Pure-blooded demon
  3. Petrification of memory
  4. Emotional precipitation
  6. Virtual image
  7. Every day there is no sin
  8. Stupid past
  9. Not allowed
  10. vice versa
  11. I can't save your yesterday -hopeless size-

[Emptiness becomes words, voice, but it does not reach anyone anyway.]
AKI HATA did a self-cover "Jyunketsu Kiran / Shirou
Tsukihiko". New Arrange and newly recorded album.


Aki Hata is a well-known singer/songwriter in the major Japanese anime and game music scene. She has written lyrics and/or music for tons of famous anime, game titles, and it's related voice actors' albums. Such as "Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu", "LOVELIVE!" just to name a few. Not only writing for other artists, she also has released her solo albums. Currently, she applies her own cosmology to her original music.

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