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Kindan no tasūketsu feat.Tomggg
Goody Goody Gumdrops (Tomggg Remix)

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Goody Goody Gumdrops

Spotify • Best New Music: DIGLE SOUND • 23 Jan 2023 Spotify • Monday Spin • 23 Jan 2023

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  • kindan_no_tasūketsu

    [History] The music band "Kindan no Tasūketsu" released their music video clips and graphic works one after another on video sites such as YouTube in 2011. This music band began to be known to intriguing music lovers. Other members did not disclose who they were without including the leader "Pomiila Potallone". Nevertheless, many fans gradually became fascinated by their magical performances. All music videos are supervised and directed by Pomiila Potallone. All works are inspired by great creators such as New Order, Joe Meek, Ricardo Villalobos, Animal Collective, David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson,and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, etc. Their songs are based on pop dance music and also have aspects of rhythm and blues, rap, noise, psychedelic, and world music. Also, the band has performed acting in theaters as well as music live, and has performed their own artistic activities. Through these activities, the band was able to acquire more young and energetic fans over the internet. [Released information] 2012, October, 1st CD "Hajime ni AI ga Atta" (In the beginning God created "Love") 2013, November, 2nd CD "Arabia no Kindan no Tasūketsu"( From Arabia) 2014, August, CD "Entertainment" 2014, December, 1st Live "Udagawa no Kindan no Tasūketsu" 2017, March, 2nd Live "Udagawa no Kindan no Tasūketsu X" 2018, March, CD "Dai San Ki KIndan no Tasuketsu MIX TAPE" (The Mix tape of the 3rd season, Kindan no Tasuketsu ) 2018, October, Download "Early Years, Kindan no Tasuketsu from 2012 to 2016"

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