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"Yozora" is a story of finding something worth believing in.

We all want love. We all hurt in love. Sometimes it's difficult to give all of ourselves in love because our past hurts make us skeptical that there really is someone who can love us - all of us, unconditionally.

We all believe in something. Some of us believe there is God. Some of us believe there is no God. Either way, we have faith in something. We can have faith that God exists, or that God doesn't exist, which brings us face to face with this question; "what will you choose to believe?"

With the honesty that she shares in the lyrics which came from her experiences in real life and melody that emphasizes the strong determination, Lauren shares her story of making the decision to believe in something in the midst of pain and uncertainty. With the sound of Yuta Yamamoto, Japanese gospel pianist and friend, "Yozora" became a song to deliver a ray of hope in darkness, just like the stars that shine in the darkest of nights.

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