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Silver Fever -120 years of life-

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120 years of life, 120 BPM!
Disco music evangelist DJ OSSHY and his ally DanceMan, the one and only artist who embodies disco music, have teamed up!
We want to make the elderly healthy and energetic with disco music! With this concept in mind, a disco song based on a disco classic homage has been completed! Live a bright and shiny life forever with disco music. Silver Fever" was born for the health and vitality of the silver generation!
You can enjoy this single in a variety of ways, including a disco-style version with DJ OSSHY's disco MC, the original version without MC, and karaoke.
It will be released at the same time as the mix CD "Silver Disco mixed by DJ OSSHY"! The disco music will light up the silver generation with bright and fun music!

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Silver Fever -120 years of life-

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Silver Fever -120 years of life-

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    Disco DJ specialist, MC and mixer, and founder of "Disco Day" on July 22. He is a disco DJ specialist who both MC's and mixes. He conveys the appeal of safe, healthy, and clean disco throughout Japan. He is the eldest son of "Shinobu Oshihan," a leading TV host, and a pioneer of disco broadcast program DJ. He has pioneered events that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, such as "family discos" and "silver discos" for the elderly. His joint events with Hiromi Go, Masayuki Suzuki, and Toshio Kadomatsu also attracted a great deal of attention. He is the most popular DJ talent among the disco generation in Japan. He has released over 20 disco CDs from major record labels and is a regular DJ on the Oricon charts. 2019 will see the release of his family-friendly CD "FAMILY DISCO. Disco mixes for all generations to enjoy. He is currently working on "Silver Disco," a health promotion project for the elderly, mainly at facilities nationwide. The "Silver Disco" activity received an award of excellence (runner-up) at the "Oto-Ken Award 2021" hosted by the Japan Music Health Association. Plans are underway to further enhance these activities.

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