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This experimental musical work transitions from "ocean" to "oral" imagery. In addition to the characters that have appeared in previous Pause Catti's music, many new ones appear.
Artwork is by illustrator Shoko Kitamoto.
Odysseus is drawn to the Siren motif and enters the body.

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Spotify • AVYSS • 9 Aug 2022

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  • Pause Catti

    Tokyo-based musician and producer. A solo project by Daisuke Kawashima. His music has attracted attention for its progressive expression and diverse approach, and his creative works with a consistent concept from sound production to completion have been highly acclaimed. Under the concept of "Reshape & Archetype," he attempts to integrate "electronic music" in the context of classical and popular music, The EP "ORAL OCEAN" released in November 2023 is the starting point of this project. He actively collaborates with talented musicians such as Yuta Bandoh, Salasa, samayuzame, aiver, 1e1, MOSHI. In large-scale productions, he has participated in experimental projects such as "Yumeji Kuko", a play delivered live from Komatsu Airport. He has participated in experimental projects such as Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. x No Meets's "Haishinsya (Betrayer)" (starring Kentaro Ito), which was staged at the Honda Theatre and distributed using 11 cameras. He has also been active in a wide range of fields, including winning the ACSM116 Award at CCMC2018 (President of Jury: Masahiro Miwa) and performing in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'20 LIVE ON YOUTUBE Rookie A Go Go in 2020.

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