1. Sky (English Ver)
  2. Ride The Wind ~MAZDA FAN FESTIVAL OFFICIAL THEME SONG ~ (feat. Chris Hodges)
  3. Sky (Japanese Ver)

Welcome song "Sky" to welcome people of the world in 2020 from the support event of the TOKYO OLYMPIC GAMES.

Hiroaki recorded in Los Angeles-U.S. with local musicians.
This project came true with a lot of supporters through crowdfunding!

"Sky" contains different versions of English, Japanese and each.

Hiroaki Tagawa

Hiroaki was born in Shimonoseki, the largest city in the Yamaguchi prefecture. He began learning to play the guitar at the age of ten. Because of his congenital blindness, he had never seen the usual method of playing the instrument and thus developed his own unorthodox system of reaching over the top of the neck with the fretting hand, rather than from underneath. Such has been the evolution of his unique style and amazing technique, his playing has been described as transcendental.

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