1. AISHÛKAIDÔ (feat. Termanology)
  2. U have a...
  3. Tears
  4. Blue
  5. Dream on the beats
  6. To heart
  7. Be ambitious (feat. Sheef The 3rd)
  8. The alley man
  9. Night walkin'
  10. Gonna be alright (feat. Ruste Juxx)
  11. Lonesome traveler
  12. Classical
  13. LaLa-LaLa
  14. Saturday
  15. Getting over you

Melancholy beat collection. This is Ghost Lamp Sound !! Also includes "Classical" which won 2nd place in the international beat contest "From Dust To Gold 2019" by dj honda judge. Shout out by Termanology (NY), Ruste Juxx (NY) and Sheef The 3rd (JP). Enjoy your journey with this beat tape.

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iTunes Store • ヒップホップ/ラップ トップアルバム • 日本 • 20位 • 2020年4月7日

Ghost Lamp

He is a producer and DJ born in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture and living in Tokyo. In 2003, he started a DJ name "Dj Choo", and represented Kyushu at "DMC", a gateway to DJ battles. In 2008, he won the "SHIBUYA No. 1 DJ BATTLE" judged by DJ TA-SHI, DJ IZOH and others. He has achieved brilliant results in many DJ battles and has attracted a lot of attention. In addition, he has been appointed as a DJ instructor and DJ battle judge for Shimamura Gakki, as well as a demonstrator for new equipment released by PIONEER and NUMARK. In addition, he released mix CDs "HIGH LIFE", "TOY FIREWORKS", "TIME LANDSCAPE 95-99", etc., and he wowed the floor with his outstanding skills in the scene, and steadily established roots in the hiphop scene in Kyushu. In 2013, he started his producer name "GHOST LAMP" and started providing beats to local artists. Since 2015, he has lived in Tokyo and released his 1st album "DETERMINATION" and music video in 2017 with the participation of rappers such as MEGA-G, OSUMAN, CIMA and other high-profile rappers. After that, he focused on providing beats and scratchwork for OSUMAN, TAKETO, TSUBAKI and others. In 2019, he won 2nd place in the international beatmaking contest "FROM DUST TO GOLD" with dj honda as a judge. He also founded his own label, BOLD GAMBLE RECORDS, which he runs. He released "THE LEGENDARY VOL.1" with respect to NAS. In addition, he released the instrumental album "AISHU KAIDO" with shout outs from New York by Ruste Jux of DUCK DOWN and TERMANOLOGY, a representative of boombap, and SHEEF THE 3RD, a member of BLAHRMY, a 2MC unit from Kanagawa, Japan, and received high praise. BOLD GAMBLE RECORDS" sticking to the neo-boombop style, to the future movement. I hope so! CHECK IT NOW!!

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