Bona Rinata -The Time Has Come- Front Cover

Bona Rinata -The Time Has Come-

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[Bona Rinata -The Time Has Come-]
A coined word derived from Latin "Bona Rinata"
Meaning is "reborn" "regeneration".
It's not too late now, and I can be reborn as many times as I want. Miyuki. Produced brand "Bona Rinata" image song.

[Issyou bun no koi wo shite]
Rock tune that the sadness accelerates.

[Beach Cruise]
A summer song that you will want to listen to while recollecting your memories at dusk in summer.
Brand "Beach Cruise" image song.

Artist Profile

  • Miyuki.

    Miyuki., a singer-songwriter who continues to express her unique worldview with sad and sad songs. Aspiring to become a singer from an early age, she started live activities while attending Keio University. Taking advantage of her work experience at a world-famous consulting firm, she self-produces with singer-songwriter, model, movie writer / director, radio personality, beauty pageant grand prix, image model of each company, and producer of brand "Bona Rinata". Widely active.

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