Bitter Dose

  1. Bitter Dose

Dogear Records released a single by ISSUGI, JJJ, 5lack. Produced by C.O.S.A.

Bitter Dose - ISSUGI , JJJ , 5lack prod C.O.S.A.
2020.06.12 Digital Release

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Bitter Dose

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Bitter Dose

iTunes Store • ヒップホップ/ラップ トップソング • 日本 • 1位 • 2020年6月12日 iTunes Store • ヒップホップ/ラップ トップソング • カンボジア • 2位 • 2020年7月9日 iTunes Store • 総合 トップソング • カンボジア • 7位 • 2020年7月9日 iTunes Store • 総合 トップソング • 日本 • 44位 • 2020年6月12日 Apple Music • ヒップホップ/ラップ トップソング • 日本 • 53位 • 2020年6月13日

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Bitter Dose

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Rapper/Beatmaker from Tokyo. Also active as MONJU (ISSUGI / Mr.Pug / Senninsho), SICKTEAM (5lack / ISSUGI / Budamunk), and also Beatmake under the name of 16FLIP. Released multiple ALBUMs including solo. Worked with: 仙人掌 , Mr.PUG , 5lack , Budamunk , BES , SEEDA , KOJOE , JJJ , KID FRESINO , FEBB , C.O.S.A. , MASS-HOLE , YUKSTA-ILL , DJ SCRATCH NICE , GRADIS NICE , CRAM , ILLSUGI , YOTARO , GQ , DJ SHOE , ENDRUN , ILLNANDES , 弗猫建物 , Devin Morrison , Roc marciano , Evidence , Tek of Smif-n-wessun , Twiz the beat pro , Roddy rod , Gwop sullivan , DJ FRESH , Illa J , DJ DEZ , Khrysis , John robinson , Eloh kush , Al B smoov , Mr.Brady , Planet asia , Georgia Anne Muldrow & More Artist.

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Born in 1989. Kawasaki-based truck maker/producer, MC, and DJ. Released fla$hBackS debut album "FL$8KS" in 2013 with febb as Young Mason and KID FRESINO. As a solo artist, his debut album "Yacht Club" was released in November 2014, the Yacht Club sailing gear session instrumental version of "Yacht Club" in March 2015, and two CD-R beat albums "GGG". "THOUSAND" have been released. The song "ASIA - Ugly Duck x Reddy x JJJ ( JJJ) (Cut by DJ Scratch Nice from NYC)" produced with Korean hip-hop artists Ugly Duck and Reddy became a big topic, and the activity was worldwide. It is beginning to spread.


5lack a.k.a goraku (or s.l.a.c.k.). A rapper from Tokyo, Japan, and a track maker at the same time. The previous work, the album "KESHIKI", recorded high evaluation and high sales. In recent years, they have also performed live at Fuji Rock/RED MARQUEE, Akasaka BLITZ, Itabashi City Cultural Center/Large Hall, etc. The song "Tokyo" written in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic campaign CM "Style ʼ20" by NTT Docomo, which has been broadcast by terrestrial broadcasting since the end of 2015, has also been arranged by Robert Glasper from January this year. It is being broadcast. With offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and several other locations, we can't take our eyes off the activities of 5lack, which continues to expand mainly in Japan. I can't talk about HIPHOP in Japan without telling him.