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L.U.R.E first sound source "Baku"
The first song, ``Baku,'' is about a backward-looking person who has never had anything to be proud of to others or have any big goals, but is reborn as a new person by being eaten by an imaginary creature called ``Baku.'' It is a song that expresses their determination and expresses themselves as they take a step forward as idols.
The composer is Naonobu Amimoto, who has written songs for Nogizaka46, IDOLiSH7, and others.

"LEVEL", which is included in the second song, is a song created for the first Tokyo trip to "Kuro Fest 2024", an idol festival sponsored by Kuro-chan of Yasuda Dai Circus, which was held in June 2024. It is designed to imagine the hardships and setbacks that these girls will experience in the future.
A refreshing and emotional song, also composed by Naonobu Amimoto.

Artist Profile

  • L.U.R.E

    A local idol group formed by models affiliated with Yamaguchi Bishoujo Zukan. Their official unit name is "Local Underground Rebel Elements" and take a initials,that called "L.U.R.E". Full-scale operations will begin in January 2024. Armed with the outstanding style unique to models and songs that express the real-life girls, they aim to become active nationwide with the slogan "What's wrong with the local?"

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