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Unspoken Wishes



Through the quiet nights and the pouring rain

I held on to your memory, but it's hard to maintain

The bittersweet melodies we used to share

Now they're fading away into thin air (Ooh-yeah)


Unspoken wishes, lost in the wind (In the wind)

Whispered secrets, never revealed from within (From within)

I still feel your presence, though you're not here (Though you're not here)

Can't you hear my heartache, my silent tears? (My silent tears)

(Verse 2)

The rain keeps falling, mirroring my endless tears

My heart still aches, yearning for what was once here

The unspoken wishes, trapped in a desperate plea

Can't you hear my questions, carried on the wind, to thee?


Unspoken wishes, echoing in the rain (In the rain)

Whispered secrets, will you ever ease this pain? (Ease this pain)

I still feel your presence, a ghost in the air (In the air)

Can't you answer my questions, before I disappear? (Before I disappear)


Maybe in the silence, a message I'll receive

A sign from the universe, to help me believe

That the unspoken words, will someday find their way

To mend the broken pieces, and chase the darkness away


Unspoken wishes, carried by the wind's embrace (Wind's embrace)

Whispered secrets, longing for a familiar face (Familiar face)

Though the silence stretches, I'll keep searching for you (Searching for you)

Hoping for answers, to see me through


With a heart full of yearning, I face the unknown

Unspoken wishes, a bridge I'll build on my own

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Unspoken Wishes Front Cover

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    Unspoken Wishes


"Unspoken Wishes," a haunting melody born from the depths of Duy Truong's soul, is a musical journey that transcends the boundaries of language, speaking directly to the heart with its poignant whispers and ethereal harmonies.

From the moment the first chord is struck, a sense of longing permeates the air, drawing listeners into a world where emotions linger in the spaces between notes. Truong's voice, rich with emotion and vulnerability, weaves a tapestry of unspoken desires and silent yearnings, each lyric a whispered confession echoing in the silence.

The music unfolds like a delicate dance between light and shadow, its melancholic melodies intertwining with the gentle swell of strings to create an atmosphere of profound introspection. Through each verse, Truong delves into the depths of the human experience, exploring the complexities of longing, regret, and the quiet hope that flickers in the darkness.

"Unspoken Wishes" is a testament to the power of music to articulate the inexpressible, to give voice to the silent cries of the heart. In its somber beauty, listeners find solace and catharsis, as the song becomes a mirror reflecting their own unspoken desires and hidden truths.

As the final notes fade into the silence, "Unspoken Wishes" leaves a lingering imprint on the soul, a reminder of the beauty found in vulnerability and the profound connection shared by all who dare to dream and to love. It's a timeless anthem to the human experience, capturing the essence of longing and the resilience of the human spirit in its most intimate moments.

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  • Truong

    Duy Truong is a talented international music sensation who has gained recognition and a devoted following beyond his home country's borders. His musical prowess transcends geographical boundaries, captivating audiences around the world with his unique blend of melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Duy Truong's appeal knows no bounds, and his music has found resonance with listeners from diverse cultures and backgrounds. His international fanbase has grown steadily as he continues to produce music that transcends language barriers and touches the hearts of people everywhere.

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