pictured black heaven

  1. ghost (in the xxxx)
  2. a day u me
  3. dilemma (only mine)
  4. pictured
  5. 9gatsu no jyuuryoku


In 2006, formed by four classmates, mainly Fuse at Towada City, local Aomori Prefecture. Started activities with an activity base in Tokyo since 2011. Rocking on Japan sponsored "RO69JACK 2015 for COUNTDOWN JAPAN" prize. In 2016, Shibuya club B held the first one man "pictured black heaven" and sold out. Since we left the band which Fuse had concurrently served since 2017, we develop more energetic activities. In September of the same year, a second one man "ultimate sacrifice" was held at Shimokitazawa ERA. Produce by crowdfunding and succeed in freeing up. Support drum changed at the end of 2018. Started activities with three people from 2019.

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