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Our original song "Rebirth" is a unique work that I am proud of, from the heavy first note to the screaming noise to the cathartic ending that satisfies my artistic vision. However, this new version, "Rebirth 0," has been reborn with the addition of artist Piana's vocals and the overwhelming technical and artistic sense of KASHIWA Daisuke, resulting in a powerful and distinct masterpiece that exists on its own, not merely a remix.
The energy that "Rebirth 0" possesses has the potential to challenge the current values of music expression, to the extent that I even dare to think it can crack them. I am confident and proud of this song beyond measure.
- Yoshimitsu Tsunaki -

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Rebirth 0

Apple Music • Pure Focus • 7 Jun 2023

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  • Yoshimitsu Tsunaki

    He is a Sapporo-based electronica musician. He has been creatively active in music and poetry artistry since the latter half of 1990. In 2004,Due to ill-health he was forced to stop performing. In 2013,Amongst his work in noise-ambient music one piece in particular was highly praised by Thomas"Squarepusher"Jenkinson at the Squarepusher Remix Competition on Youtube. In the same year,he released his 1st ep "toki no oto" on Cella. In the same year, he Composed music for video work "Light node on digital fabrication" directed by trinitiks. In 2016,he released his 2nd ep "Contact" on Cella. In 2017,he designed sound for an instrument that produces the sound controlling the drop of water "coding water".

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