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  • Henry D. Pool

    Henry D. Pool, also known as Shuntaro Egashira from Tokyo, emerged onto the scene in 2020 and released two singles at the time, "hada no machi (Skin City)" and "awao sayounara (Good-bye My Bubble)". He has positioned himself as an electronic music-based producer who creates a variety of multifaceted music. His activities are not limited to his own works, but in collaboration with ryaw, a fashion brand that pursues creations that encourage deep thinking in the viewer and wearer through experimental shapes and graphics, he created the spatial music, "Terminal Care (ryaw) for ryaw's 22SS collection unmanned POP UP STORE ISO ROOM. In addition, he has provided film music for several documentary films. "Eifeckx Tuyin" released in 2021 and "Halcyon" released in 2023 were used as film music in one of them and they had world premiere in the Cinema Regained section of IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), and Asian premiere in JEONJU Intl. Film Festival (Korea).

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