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This single is the first song as VITOMME to feature another artist as composer. Composed by Keiji Tanabe with lyrics by VITOMME. The ballad is gently spelled out with innocent lyrics in a romantic mood.

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    Artist/Singer/Songwriter A musician said that her compositions and lyrics have an originality other composers or artists cannot make. She emphasizes the "duality" that she presents in her concept, with her singing voice distorted in the strong mid-low range and a gap between her visuals. She is described by musician Seiji Kameda as saying, "Her joy and sorrow coexist in her singing voice." She was a vocalist of her band "the mother's booth" and made a major debut in japan with their 1st album "Nikolaschka". That lead track was selected as the No. 1 song for September 2018 on the Japanese radio station NACK5's program "Hit! Hit! Hit!". VITOMME's first MV was released on YouTube on December 24, 2022. From 2023, she will start full-scale activities.

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