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    GEMINIDS <YUNAH & Kimeru Project> < GEMINIDS>< JEMINAIZU> The unit born between the same Gemini "GEMINIDS" It consists of YUNAH and Kimeru. EDM J POP DUO YUNAH Mr. Daisuke Asakura A produce I debut in LAZY KNACK. The unit is made at Mr. SUGIZO (LUNASEA) and The FLARE. A cartoonist collaboration with Mr. MOMOKO SAKURA EDM Rock Band KUZYAKU and Yuna Katsuki/YUNAH Solo campaign Author and idle produce (AKISHIBU Project Pimm's) etc. I keep walking by one music. Kimeru I debut brilliantly like a comet by princes' theme song of tennis. Though playing king DEYUERUMONSUTAZU sings ANISON. A musical and straight keep appearing on various stages using the colorful ability. These two people are as the plan unit an anniversary of YUNAH 20TH Kimeru15TH. I debut with an arrival of Geminids on December 15, 2015. Twin vocal The "2" constellation of a twin and an image from a twin room and the myth were made a motif. Original music is produced. And music of LAZYKNACK YUNAH dismissed It's various music with the relation in Kimeru. GEMINIDS. It's being dyed the color. A star and a star be tied with a line, and be a constellation. With an eternal dream. The person and the music two people have met so far are being spun from December, 2015...

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