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2024年3月18・25日(月)深夜23時56分からTBSにて2週連続で放送するスケボー版SASUKE特番 『KASSO』のテーマソングとしてWILYWNKAが書き下ろした新曲。

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    WILYWNKA (born 1997) is a Japanese rapper / songwriter. A native of Osaka, Japan, he is also a member of the group HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB, with whom they have released numerous singles including "YOKAZE" in 2020 which became a smash hit over 45,000,000 views (as of 2022) on YouTube. WILYWNKA released his debut studio album "SACULA" on September 19, 2018. His second studio album "PAUSE" was released on September 20, 2019. He released an EP "EAZY EAZY" with producer BACHLOGIC on December 4, 2020. In 2021 he released a collaboration song with Grammy Award Winner Producer Brasstracks (For Chance The Rapper's "No Problem") titled "Our Style" which became a viral hit throughout Japan. He released another EP "NOT FOR RADIO" on January 28, 2022. He is also known to appear as icons for many fashion and sports brands such as Levi's, adidas, Reebok, Diesel, Black Eye Patch, Calvin Klein, Coleman, TIGHTBOOTH and H&M.

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