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Christmas snow dome

three berry icecream

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Vocal Mayumi Ikemizu(three berry icecream
Vocal Miki Hirose(h-shallow,ex-smokebees)
Bass Kazufumi Sakurai(ex-Corniche Camomile)
Acoustic Guitar & Programming Hidetaka Okuda(Sucrette)

Artist Profile

  • three berry icecream

    Three Berry Icecream is the solo project by Mayumi Ikemizu. She and Hideki Kaji, who was popular musician in Japan and other members made a major debut as BRIDGE from Polystar Records in 1992. After the band disbanded in 1995, she began solo activities by releasing cassette tapes to try to sing the songs she was making during the BRIDGE era. In 1999. She released her first EP, "three berry icecream", in 7-inch format in the United States in 1999. In July 2000, she released her first mini album "Apricot" from channel production in Tokyo, and in March 2006 her second mini album "Rain Drops". A collaboration with Brent Kenji (Friedrich Sunlight, ex.the Fairways), which was also on the US tour before, was decided, and a new work "three cheers" as an original work for the first time in 11 years is 7 inch from Miobell Records in December 2017 in Japan. The 20th anniversary of the her solo activity reached in 2018.

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